All about the Trust

Our history

The Trust is an independent body and was established in 1995 by members of the Chipping Campden Town Council. The Trust is a registered charity and was established to be a stand-alone organisation. It relies on donations, covenants and bequests to provide financial support to charitable projects within its aims.

To date the majority of the Trust’s donations originate from legacies of the Tryphena Wood Bequest and Fred Badger Trusts. Both of these funds are invested by the Trustees to specifically support the elderly within our community.

Most recently the Trust has benefited from a very generous donation from the Brathwaite Trust. This particular fund has allowed the Trustees to support projects for young people and associated organisations.

Braithwaite House was bought by the Royal British Legion for service men returning to Chipping Campden after the War. In 2014 it became a social club. In 2018 the property was sold with profits from the sale donated to the Trust sharing similar aims and objects as the Braithwaite Trust.

The Trust’s object is to promote, for the public benefit and through the provision of financial assistance (“grants”), any charitable purpose for the improvement of educational, leisure, recreational and supportive facilities within the Chipping Campden community area; with especial regard to the needs of the young, the elderly, the disadvantaged and disabled.

Donations and legacies provide the main capital reserves necessary for long-term commitments to support grants. Gifts and bequests will be added to the Trust’s capital to provide, in perpetuity, income for distribution (“grants”). The Trust welcomes all donations to continue the help in supporting our community.

The Trust has approximately a hundred members whose donations kindly contribute to the funds available for grants.

How you can help

The Trust relies on donations to support the work in our local community. Please feel free to to make a one-off donation, become a Lifetime Member or an Annual Member.

It is with the kindness of such donations from the Braithwaite Trust that we are able to continue supporting our local community.

See who we’ve helped

From organisations, schools and individuals, young and old.

Meet our Trustees

Management of the Trust by elected Trustees is entirely honorary.

Mr Michael Allchin  Trustee

Ms Anita Dee  Trustee

Mr Paul Wyatt  Trustee

Mr Steve Holder Trustee

Mrs Fiona Tierney. Trustee

Mrs Sally Lindner Hon. Chair

Mr Norman Reid Hon. Treasurer

Mrs Sue Stainer Hon. Secretary

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